Antzoki Teatteri was born in Madrid in 2012 to rewrite the show "My friend in me". With this show they won Awards for Best Show, Best Actor and many nominations. They traveled through Spain, Mexico and Uruguay. The play has been seen by more than 10,000 people in Spain and Latin America. 

In 2014 they move to Barcelona.

In 2016, "Romeo and Juliet, a different look" and "2" are released in Mexico. With the contemporary version of "Romeo and Juliet, a different look" they have visited Mexico, Argentina and all the Spanish geography, getting national awards for Best Director, Best Actress and Best Actor; a nomination to the Gran Premio de España de Artes Escénicas 2017; and in 2019 the Premi Josep Clusa that awards the Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas y Salud Mental 'L'Altre Festival'.

In 2017, we premiered at the Teatre Eòlia in Barcelona "The House of Bernarda Alba". Since then, we have visited Catalonia and cities such as Valencia and Valladolid. She was also nominated for the Gran Premio de España de Artes Escénicas, being Antzoki Teatteri the only company representing Catalonia, and the only Spanish company with two nominations the same year.

In 2018 was the time to premiere "Hugging in the Abyss", a show of new scenic languages. In 2019 we received the Gran Premio de España de Artes Escénicas, contemporary theatre category, so we are immensely happy. In September 2019, we were part of the Contemporary Theatre Festival "El Gallinero" in Cabanillas, Navarra, Spain.

November 2019 is the key date. Our next show "Clowns" is released in Mexico, visiting Apizaco, Tlaxcala City, Puebla and Mexico City. It's time to fight gender-based violence. 

Antzoki Teatteri works with plays for social development and transformation: Alzheimer’s, amnesia, gender-based violence, drug addiction, autistic spectrum, repression... We try to make all shows synonymous with quality and entertainment, as well as educational.

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Antzoki Teatteri means Theatre Theatre, in basque and finnish languages. Two mother tongues of the company’s creators. Currently, the company consists of a large number of actresses, actors and professionals of the performing arts, depending on the project. Tony Casla is the artistic director of the company, who signs the stage direction and dramaturgy of almost all the projects. Elísabeth Quevedo is an actress, director and theatre teacher and participates in acting and directing four projects. 
Maricarmen Regalado, our super correspondent in Latin America. Cristina Vallribera, Enric Pera, Ariadna de Vilar, Sela Conde, Tama Martínez, Sandra Miarnau, Ainoa Santiago, Paula Segura, Meri Anglés, Adriana Galicia, Jone Arteagoitia, Alexandra Flores, Dídac Rodríguez, Josh Climent, Ruth Talavera, Patrick Martínez and Pol Forment are part of the cast of the company’s shows.
Carolina Llacher, Riikka Laakso, Alessandra Azzini, Laura Sanz, Conchita Pons, Nuria Sleiva, Echedey Santana... are some of the best professionals in their area, who have given us their help. 

They have been part of the heart of Antzoki Teatteri: Maitane Aldako, Mária Karol'ová, Júlia Ferré, Clàudia Fernández, Ana Moreno, Paola Gómez and Sol López.